Brace Yourself: It’s Time To Wake Up About the Future of Your Work.

Chad Silverstein
3 min readJun 7


I just got done going through the World Economics Report on the Future of Jobs, and what my gut has been screaming over the past few months seems to be doing so for a good reason.

Every day I wake up and have countless conversations with people from a diverse group of networks, and it blows me away that nobody is sounding the alarm at what’s happening with jobs right in front of our eyes. Meanwhile, companies across the country are silently trying to figure out how to pivot during a time that we will one day look back on and vaguely remember how we got done with Covid and slipped right into a technological revolution, the biggest revolution of its kind.

In today’s rapidly never-ending evolving world, technology is shaping the future of our work faster than people can change jobs. Companies are getting comfortable being uncomfortable and trying to embrace a new normal that’s anything but a normal feeling. According to the World Economic Forum Report, over 75% of organizations are planning to adopt these technologies within the next five years.

Businesses are using and building digital platforms and apps like never before, and the report says that 86% of companies expect new technology to be at the heart of their operations in the coming years.

But what does this mean for our jobs? The good news is that the report predicts the impact on employment will be positive. Big data, climate change technologies, encryption, and cybersecurity are going to play major drivers of job growth. However, industries like agriculture, digital platforms, e-commerce, and AI, will experience major disruptions resulting in job loss or displacement.

The report also highlights a structural shift in jobs. Approximately 23% of roles are expected to undergo changes in the next five years. Industries like Supply Chain and Transportation, Media, Entertainment, and Sports are likely to see high turnover rates.

Currently, the report says that 34% of business-related tasks are currently performed by machines, and they predict that by 2027 that number will increase to 42%. Physical and manual work will see much less displacement, but talk of skills such as cognitive thinking, reasoning, communication, and coordination will get crushed by automation in the future. All you have to do is play with a Chatbot for a few mins to understand why. Even when it makes things up or provides bad info, we have to realize these are some of the very first versions being released.

Certain skills are gaining popularity in the media. Talk of how important building analytical and creative thinking remains at the top of the list when it comes to upskills people can invest time learning. Then there are the innate skills like resilience, flexibility, and agility. These skills and a long list of soft skills will be some of the biggest assets people will walk into an interview with. Having a good sense of technological literacy will also play a critical role in a new digital world. Employers recognize the need for continuous upskilling and training.

To address the gap, companies are investing in continuous education and training development programs. Although, the report mentions that only half of the workers currently have access to training opportunities. . Developing leadership and social influence skills are also key areas people can start focusing on building.

After reading through the report, I was able to confirm one thing without a doubt about what my gut has been telling me. The future of our work and the jobs and skills that we’ll all be doing is deeply connected to new technology that’s moving at a pace much faster than we can learn. What an opportunity for college kids who have been plagued with graduating without experience for so long. The game has changed because the days of putting a lot of value on a degree and how many years of experience are not as valuable as they used to be.

The next expression is here. Where are you? Are you even aware? Time to wake up….



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